Palace of Fine Arts

The emblematic Bellas Artes Palace of Santo Domingo is the main headquarters of this first International Contemporary Art Fair (FIACI 2024), in which more than 70 contemporary artists, national and foreign, will present their innovative works on both levels of the aforementioned gallery. proposals. A journey through the inner world of these creators that transcends borders and celebrates art in infinite forms.


Alejandro de Narvaez, Ana Maria Hurtado, Cristina Ghetti, Cristian Laime,
Gastón Ugalde, Sebastian Ugalde, Ligia D’ Andrea, Keiko Gonzalez, Rodrigo
Alarcón, Jairo Araque, Monica Agudelo, Nadir Figueroa, Jose Horacio Martinez,
Ivan Rickenmann, Mareo Rodriguez, German Botero, Sara Rayo, Támara
Campo, Mabel Poblet , Olga Andrino, Boa Mistura, Emma Fernandez, Rachel
Hellman, Gianluca Traina, Nemo Jantzen, Takashi Yukawa, Olga Sinclair,
Gabriela Batista, Mauro Arbiza, Leslie Gabaldon, Jose Bedia , Edgar Negret,
Ube, Luis Jimenez, Jorge Magyaroff, Fernando Suarez Reguera, Carlos Beltrán,
Maria Jimena, Alec Niño, Adriana Badlissi, Poonam Chatlani, Kadir Lopez,
Raquel Paiewonsky, Ines Tolentino, Fermín Ceballos, Pascal Meccariello, Juan
Mayi, Patricia Castillo Patutus, Scherezade García, Iliana García, Gerard Ellis,
Raúl Recio, América Olivo, Polibio Díaz, Elvin Díaz, Soraya Abu Naba’a, Límber
Vilorio, Nanchu Espinola, Diego Ordeix, Leidy Acevedo, Corina Escot, Benjamin Cruz.

Museum of Modern Art

"Linking worlds"

From paintings and sculptures, to interactive installations and digital art, this exhibition celebrates the diversity and innovation of contemporary art. It stands out for the inclusion of two of the most revolutionary artistic manifestations of recent times: NFT and performance, thus promoting the convergence of art and blockchain technology to create unique and immersive works.


Alejandro de Narvaez, Gastón Ugalde, Sonia Falcone, Ivan Navarro , Courtney
Smith, Liu Bolin, Ruby Rumié, Nadir Figueroa, Jose Horacio Martinez, Mareo
Rodriguez, German Botero, Carlos Garaicoa, Antuan Rodriguez, Arturo Berned,
Olga Andrino, Andrew Myers, Peter Demetz, Olga Sinclair, Cisco Merel, Edgar
Negret, Alvaro Barrios, Fernando Botero, Beth Lipman, Sophia Vari, Raquel
Paiewonsky, Scherezade García, Iliana García, Límber Vilorio, Fernando
Varela, Ariadna Canaan, Simon Berger.


"Leaving footprints"

The contributions to the world of art of six great masters of national plastic arts:
Eligio Pichardo, Gilberto Hernández Ortega, Paul Giudicelli, Iván Tovar, Celeste Woss and Gil and Antonio Prats Ventós are evident in this exhibition, where also the Dominican Marcos Lora presents a proposal with which he celebrates the influence of these artists and highlights the continuity and evolution of art through different generations.


Eligio Pichardo, Gilberto Hernández Ortega, Paul Giudicelli, Jose Pelletier
Iván Tovar, Celeste Woss y Gil Antonio Prats Ventos.

Tribute from the artist Marcos Lora to the great masters.


"Between Movements"

Patterns, lines and colors combine in this exhibition of optical and kinetic art that challenges the sense of perception, inviting the public to reflect on the nature of reality. An opportunity to discover how artists are redefining art in movement in the 21st century, exploring the works of some of the most emblematic figures of these schools, such as Víctor Vasarely, Omar Rayo and Carlos Cruz Díez.


Alejandro de Narvaez, Cristina Ghetti, Sonia Falcone, Límber Vilorio, Ivan
Navarro, Alejandro de Narvaez, Monica Agudelo, Nadir Figueroa, German
Botero, Rachel Hellman, Gianluca Traina, Edgar Negret, Luis Jimenez, Kate
Mathews, Camilo Matiz, Sydia Reyes, Omar Rayo, Dolores Casares, Robert
Currie, Jesus Soto, Soraya Abu Naba’a.

León Center

"Us: 172 years later"

In this photographic project, the artist Ruby Rumié presents the diversity and customs of the Caribbean women of the Colombian coast. An intimate and authentic look at their traditions, culture and lifestyle. Colorful outfits and daily rituals star in this photographic set that captures the vibrant and unique essence of New Granada, a region in northern Colombia that contributes its share of value to Caribbean customs.


Ruby Rumie.


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